A full set for 4-season hammock camping and year-round use. All the Arbora hammock sets include everything you need for the most comfortable experience. No hidden costs or necessary extra purchases. 


Arbora is designed to be as fast and easy to set up as possible. Normal setup time for the hammock is 2 minutes and 4 minutes for the tarp. 

The whole hammock is machine washable to make keeping it clean hassle free. 


Contains the following:

  • 4-season insulated hammock and integrated cover with insect net
  • Full suspension system, 2 options available
  • Attached Dyneema ridge line and 3 large internal pockets
  • Tarp with adjustable guylines, long ground pegs and extra pegs
  • Compressible double-ended stuff bag and tarp sack


The insulation of Arbora hammocks is fitted and attached directly to the hammock to ensure maximum warmth, minimize weight and bulk and save a lot of time on separate insulation setup or readjusting.

The insulation is attached by a unique way of fabric welding that does not compromise the strength of your hammock and is designed to eliminate any warmth leakage. 


The insulation is wide at the middle and even covers bent knees. It is attached diagonally to match a flat diagonal lay, but also allows for a straight sleeping position. 

The chosen Valtherm Zero Down synthetic insulation is top of the line. It has a crazy amount of loft, is very compressible, handles all kind of abuse and withstands mashine washing. 


The hammock top is closable for heat retention and has an insect net window. For lounging with an open top, the cover can be stowed quickly on the side with three hooks. 

The cover is supported by a strong 2mm Dyneema ridge line that ensures the same sleeping position each time. You can also attach items onto the ridge line and open it from one end to stow away if not needed. 

You have 3 large mesh pockets inside the hammock to hold your clothes, valuables and any other items. One pocket at the side of the hammock, another at one end and a movable ridge line organizer. 


The 2 suspension options to choose from are: 

  1. 6mm ropes with Aero Cleats. This is most suitable if you want the fastest and easiest to use system. Adds 75g / 3oz to the set. 
  2. Whoopie slings with soft shackles. This is the lightest available option, but takes a little more effort to use. 

Both suspension systems include tree straps. 


The hammock stuff sack is compressible and made of waterproof silnylon, protecting your hammock from rain and splashing water. The double bottom stores tree straps and deploys your hammock extra fast keeping it off the ground when setting up. 


The Arbora tarp is a perfect size for full coverage yet packs very small and light. 4 extra long aluminum stakes and 2 extra stakes when needed. 8 tie-out points that allow different setup options for any weather as well as independent use as a shelter. 

The guy lines are color coded for easier setup and use fluorescent Line-Lok® tensioning system for one-handed adjusting. 

4-season insulated hammock set

    • Comfort -7°C / 19°F, Limit -12°C / 10°F *
    • Weight limit 130kg / 280lbs
    • Full set weight 2540g / 5.6lbs
    • Hammock weight 2050g / 4.5lbs
    • Tarp weight 490g / 17oz
    • Hammock size 160 x 335cm / 5ft 3in x 11ft
    • Insulated area 70-120-70 x 210cm / 2.3-4-2.3 x 7ft
    • Hammock packed and compressed size 24 x 25cm / 9 x 10in
    • Tarp size 220 x 370cm / 7ft 3in x 12ft 2in
    • Tarp packed size 10 x 28cm / 4 x 11in
    • Hammock material 40D & 70D ripstop nylon
    • Net material ultralight mesh 155 mesh/cm² / 1000 mesh/in²
    • Insulation Valtherm® Zero Down synthetic insulation 400g/m²
    • Tarp material 3500mm hydrostatic head 40D silicone coated ripstop nylon


    * The temperature rating represents the comfort limit for an average person and is attained when using a sleeping bag that has at least the same comfort temperature rating. This limit is based on extensive field testing and is rather conservative. Any other methods of testing have not been used. 

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