The Arbora Hammock is available in these three insulated options: 


-3°C / 26°F *

Best for: 

  • Above freezing camping

  • Extra warmth for Summer

  • Cold sleepers


-12°C / 10°F *

Best for: 

  • Winter camping

  • Extra warmth for Autumn

  • Cold sleepers 


10°C / 50°F *

Best for: 

  • Summer camping

  • Tropical destinations

  • Ultralight camping

* The temperature rating represents the comfort limit for an average person and is attained when using a sleeping bag that has at least the same comfort temperature rating. This limit is based on extensive field testing and is rather conservative. Any other methods of testing have not been used. 


We recommend to choose the warmest possible version, so you can enjoy maximum comfort, especially if You are a cold sleeper. 

A full hammock set including the insulated hammock as well as the hammock tarp offers You full shelter from the elements and is designed to work perfectly together. 

The ideal year-round hammock set is a combination of the 1-season and the 4-season hammock, allowing for the smallest and lightest insulated hammock during warmer months and maximum warmth during winter. You won't regret this choice! 


There are 2 suspension options to choose from with the 2nd gen. Arbora hammock: 

  1. The simplest and fastest way to hang Your hammock is using Aero Cleats and 6mm rope. 

  2. Whoopie slings and soft shackles made out of Dyneema or Amsteel are the lightest and most advanced option. Whoopies are 75g lighter than Aero Cleats with ropes. 

Hammock setup guidelines

  • Always use tree straps to hang Your hammock to go easy on trees, hammock ropes and make the setup simpler. The recommended height for tree straps from the ground is about 2m / 6ft, while the hammock bottom should be about 0,6m / 2ft from the ground but never higher than 1m / 3ft. 

  • ​The distance between trees for Your hammock can be from 4m / 13ft to 7m / 23ft. 

  • The hammock should be set up hanging at 30° angles to obtain the best sleeping position. 

The Arbora hammock insulation aka underquilt

The insulating layer or underquilt is fully fitted and attached to the hammock, so you don't have to waste a second on it and can go straight to relaxing in Your hammock! 

How to set up the hammock tarp

Setting up the tarp is as easy as the hammock itself. Just lead the guylines around the tree 10-20cm / 4-8" below the treestraps, attach with the carabiners and pull taut. Attach the remaining 4 guylines to the ground with the attached pegs and pull the hammock taut with the Line-Lok® tensioning system. 

When in harsher conditions put the tarp as close on top of the hammock as possible for maximum shelter from the elements. 

See the video below for detailed unpacking and setting up as well as repacking instructions: 

SAFETY MEASURES - make sure to read and follow these each time You use a hammock! 

  • Take all non-soft items out of your pockets before entering the hammock, especially sharp and pointy objects, to avoid any damage to the hammock fabric.

  • Always choose safe and sturdy objects to hang your hammock from. Use only living trees with a minimum of 15cm / 6in diameter. Avoid hanging under dead branches.

  • Never hang your hammock more than 1m / 3ft from the ground, above slopes or openings or in any other hazardous location.

  • Never jump, stand or swing in your hammock.

  • Your hammock is meant for one person only. Do not exceed the weight limit of your hammock.

  • Double-check your hammock ropes and setup every time before entering it, to make sure there is no hazardous wear to the hammock and the setup is safe.

  • Never leave children in a hammock unattended.



Materials and technologies used in making our hammocks

All the materials used in the manufacturing of the Arbora Hammocks are of the highest quality. We choose every item to be the best compromise between low weight and bulk while being durable and strong: 

  • 70D & 40D ripstop lightweight parachute nylon

  • 3500mm hydrostatic head 40D silicone coated ripstop nylon

  • Ultralight mosquito net, 155 mesh/cm² / 1000 mesh/in²

  • Valtherm® Zero Down high-tech thermal insulation

  • YKK® zippers

  • PP ropes, guylines and shock cord

  • Dyneema and Amsteel rope

  • Very durable polyamid webbing

  • ITW Nexus & 2M® plastic details

  • Line-Lok® guy-line tensioners

  • Clamcleat® rope cleats

  • The strongest available threads

To minimize stress and avoid tearing the hammock fabric, we are using fabric welding in the most critical areas. It has taken us over 2 years to customize and perfect this technology to be strong and durable enough. Our welding is at least as resistant to tearing as a regular seam and doesn't rip the fabric, making it the perfect solution for hammocks. 

All of our products are manufactured in Estonia by Arbora Gear OÜ from start to beginning and carefully inspected and tested for any errors. 

Hammock care and maintenance

The Arbora hammock is perfectly machine washable! Put the suspension ropes inside the hammock and close the zipper fully. Use a liquid sports or technical detergent and a 30°C / 86°F gentle cycle. Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry. 

After washing our insulated products, leave them to rinse and dry flat. Do not hang the insulated items to dry to avoid any damage to the insulation layer. Dry Your gear ASAP and never later than 24h of it getting wet. 

Store Your insulated hammock similarly to sleeping bags. Never leave the hammock in the stuff sack or compressed for longer than 24h. When not in use, store the hammock out of the stuff sack to ensure the best insulation properties. 



We ship our products worldwide. Shipping cost and time is as follows. 

Orders from 100€: 

  • Europe 10€, usually within 6 working days

  • USA & Canada 10€, usually within 10 working days

  • Rest of the world 15€, usually within 10 working days

  • Domestic - Estonia 0€, usually within 3 working days


Orders below 100€: 

  • Europe 20€, usually within 6 working days

  • USA & Canada 20€, usually within 10 working days

  • Rest of the world 25€, usually within 10 working days

  • Domestic - Estonia 5€, usually within 3 working days

NB! Please allow up to 5 working days lead time due to demand and intricacies of the manufacturing process. We will always do our best to get the goods to You as fast as possible. 

International orders

Orders outside of The European Union may be subject to taxes and duties, that You will be charged when importing the purchased products into your country. Arbora Gear OÜ is not responsible for any local regulations or fees outside of The European Union.  


  1. You have the right to exchange or receive a refund for the items You have purchased within 14 days of their delivery provided the items are without any visible signs of use or damage. 

  2. Before returning an item You must contact to receive a return authorization number and return address. The postage fee for the returns must be prepaid. We advise to insure the package, Arbora Gear OÜ does is not responsible for any return packages that are lost. 

  3. When the returned item has been received and if the return has been approved, You will be credited within 14 days. 


Arbora Gear OÜ warrants to the original purchaser that the products shall be free from defects in material and craftmanship for two (2) years from the date of purchase. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this warranty period, Arbora Gear OÜ will repair or replace the defective product or component, free of charge. 

This warranty shall not apply a) to ordinary wear and deterioration of the products and materials, b) in the event of abuse, neglect, carelessness, using the product in any way other than is intended by the manufacturer, c) if the product is modified or its components replaced without authorization from the manufacturer, d) if the product is used for commercial purposes.